With more then 20 years of experience of developing qualification and factory test software, Brelec Software combined mass-storage drives (IDE, SCSI, USB, IEEE1394, SATA) and optical drive (IDE, USB, IEEE1394, SATA) test software in a new test application named DriveCheck. DriveCheck is a MS Windows-based application *).


DriveCheck is setup for single device qualification and for multiple device factory verification tests. The application is split into two parts, namely:

* Single Drive Test (Qualification)

* Multiple Drive Test (Factory)


Single Drive Test.

The Qualification test suite is split into various sub tests, depending on device type (Hard Disk Drive, Optical Drive, Memory Stick):

* Device Configuration (Hard Disk Drive) Cache strategy, Partitioning and formatting, Clean-up (wipe) Medium.

* Device/Medium Information

* Device Performance Read/Write, Seek, Power-management, and more [1].

* Diagnostics and medium scan

* Device low-level debugger (low-level commands) [2].

* Device Application simulator (Optical Drive) CD/DVD Player and recorder [3] and [4].

* Script interpreter

* Optional: Vendor specific tests can be added CD: BLER C1/C2, DVD PI/PO-Errors, Jitter, HDD: Physical R/W


[1] [2]


[3] [4]


All device commands, timing, errors are logged. Performance graphs are shown in separate dialog and can be printed.


Multiple Drives Test.

The Factory test suite is able to test multiple devices, each with there one test-script or same test-script.



The test-script can be validated before use.

DriveCheck for factory use, support command-line parameters to allow batch/production software to start DriveCheck automatically with special features and configuration set.



*) DriveCheck requires MS Windows 2000 or Windows XP.

Brelec Software B.V. FEB-2006