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Brelec Software has started in May 1998. And since the start of the company, it has a growing customer base from all over the world, in Europe, US and Asia.


Brelec Software focus on low-level software (firmware) development for PC, Consumer Electronics products as well as for manufacturers. Our in-house expertise of more then 20-years in:

*      PC’s – Manufacturer test software, Qualification and Benchmark tests, Product Service Centre setup.

*      PC-peripherals – Qualification and Benchmark tests, factory test software and equipment.

*      Consumer Electronics as Radio and TV, DVD-recorders – Qualification tests, factory test software and equipment.

*      Windows Device Drivers and applications for Radio & TV products.

For more detailed information or other information, please contact us.


Brelec Software major customers are:

*      PC-industry, both PC-desktop as Notebook.

*      Consumer Electronics.

*      Chip design support.


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Brelec Software focus on low-level software (firmware) development for end-products, factory-test and qualification-test.

*      End-products:

*        Device Drivers for peripherals as USB-Devices, IEEE-1394 Devices, IDE-Devices.

*        Security software as Hard Disk Contents encryption and System Access.

*        Applications as end-user install script engines, mail-watcher.

*     Factory-test:

*        Product and peripheral tests as CD/DVD-Devices, Mass-storage Devices, Input Devices (Keyboard/Mouse).

*        (Performance) Benchmarking.

*     Qualification-test:

*     Performance Benchmarking.

*     Stress test (with various conditions, corner-tests).

*     Product aging tests.

*     End-user profile tests.

*     Consultancy on PC-peripherals used in Consumer Electronic products.


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Beside software, factory production tools in co-designed together with customer, based on customer specification. An example is a high performance IDE Hard Disk Drive Duplicator, or proto-typing products for silicon devices.


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*   Post address:

      Brelec Software BV

      Kievietlaan 1

      5683RC Best, The Netherlands


*   Telephone: +31-(0)499-422.363

      Fax: +31-(0)499-313.756


*   Email: info@brelec.com


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Last update: 26-June-2008