Brelec Software service focus on low-level (firmware), device drivers and applications for end-products, manufacturing and production, and qualification.

By the more than 20 years of experience in the PC and Consumer Electronics industry, Brelec Software has customers all over the world, from Europe, Asia to North America. Our customers include large international companies, like:

*     Ingram Micro

*     Jabil Circuit

*     MiTAC Inc.

*     Philips

*     Quanta Computer Inc.

*     Semiconductor Ideas to the Market BV


Started with PC testing software, our software product range now also includes device drivers, applications and proto-typing. Below are some examples from a long list of “products”.

*     PC production test software.

*     PC and PC-peripheral qualification and benchmarking software.

*     Set-top box peripheral qualification and production test software.

*     DVD recorder production test software.

*     Email watcher (IMAP/POP).

*     PC End-user installation script software.

*     Multi-media keyboard device driver software.

*     PC-Desktop and Notebook access and Hard Drive contents protection (encryption), by means of an user electronic key.

*     IDE Hard Disk duplicator, with OEM-customer file-system software. See also IDE HDD Duplicator.

*     Hard Disk recording module qualification and factory test software.

*     Radio & TV silicon IC control software.

*     Consultancy on PC-peripheral design-in Consumer Electronic apparatus.

*     Software code tuning for highest performance and code-space.

*     Battery operating MCU code for various applications.


Example: FM Radio IC build in a PDA, with radio application and driver (demostrator).




Example: TV Back-end (colour decoding) in software (demostrator).











Application and driver software have been developed for various hardware platforms, as:

*  PC Desktop and Notebook Platforms.

*  PDA’s.

*  Smart-Phones


Using various processors, as:

*  Intel® processors.

*  Microchip PICmicro® microcontrollers (PIC16xxx Series).

*  Cypress High-Speed Peripherals (FX2 USB 2.0 Series).

*  Sitronix 8-bit MCU with LCD Controller (ST20xx-Series).

*  Various ARM® Cores as, ARM-4, ARM-5 and ARM-9.

*  Texas Instruments OMAP™ Platform.



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