IDE HDD Duplicator





*     Duplicates software from 1 Master Hard Disk up to 7 Target Hard Disks.

*     Can handle various 3.5” Hard Disks (Master and Target does not have to be the same capacity, as long as the Target is greater then the Master drive), with various drive height.

*     Copy up to 1 GB/min (bit-by-bit copy mode), depending on drives transfer-rate and number of Target Hard Disk drives attached.

*     Support Fast ATA up to ATA-33/66/100/133, Enhanced IDE, and both 28-bits LBA (drive capacity up to 137 GB) as well as 48-bit LBA.

*     Newest hardware technology, using PCI Bus-Master transfers to minimize CPU overhead.

*     Easy to operate software, support scripting.

*     Support bit-by-bit and “smart” bit-by-bit copy with (optional) verification.

*     Support File-System: FAT-12, FAT-16 and FAT-32 copy, with transfer rate up to 800 MB/min.

*     Reconfiguration of Target drives (e.g. Max Capacity, Silent/Quiet Seek, etc.)

*     Easy plug-in IDE HDD into “Toaster”. No IDE cables and no power cables are used.

*     Support beside Hard Disk Duplication, also Hard Disk Compare and Hard Disk Wipe features.

*     Diagnostics functions, to test and/or screen drives.

*     Standard PC with 3 additional Enhanced-IDE Controllers. Monitor and keyboard are not required; Two pushbuttons on the “Toaster”: Start & Stop. Progress status LED’s and per drive a status LED.

*     Administrative logging of HDD Duplicator activities.

*     Direct customer support (for additional features and/or requirements).



Standard Accessory:

*        Desktop PC with HDD Duplicator unit

*        Power cord

*        Operation manual

*        HDD flat cables

*        HDD power cables

*        Keyboard and Mouse

*        15" LCD-Monitor

*        User Manual, Command-reference Guide, Quick-reference Guide – Factory operations, Service Instructions.




*     Power Supply: 115/230V, 50Hz/60Hz power supply, 230W

*     Dimensions: 44 x 45 x 24 cm (L x W x H)

*     Weight: 14.5 kg

*     Gross Weight: 18 kg


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